Another Media Site…

So, another site, blog, vlog, etc. that looks and discusses various forms of media; aren’t there, like, hundreds of these already with seemingly more every day? Well, yeah, there absolutely is. Amateurs, academics, experts, enthusiasts, actual media creators, artists, analysts, and just about everyone in between and outside of these categories seems to be starting some sort of media related thing. Even more so now with traditional methods of media creation being on put on pause.

It is seemingly both a new “Golden Age” of media and a period of wide dearth of nuanced analysis, perspectives, and voices in and around media. This site is not a fix to this by any stretch of the imagination, but it is hopefully a step in the right direction. It offers a unique voice and point of view that traditionally has not been given space in the enormous media landscape.

You will probably enjoy, disagree, consider, and, hopefully, learn from the various musings and posts to be found within this small sliver of the internet. And that is the intent. To encourage engagement, discussion, discourse, and, ultimately, a deeper appreciation and interest in the films, television shows, books, podcasts, music, and every other piece of media we surround ourselves with.

So, welcome to Hablando Todo. Mind the furniture. Respect the space. And enjoy your time for however long you choose to stay. It will, fingers crossed, be a fun ride.

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