Creepshow Television Series: Good Revival of a Classic

The Creepshow television show is a horror anthology series based on the 1982 film of the same name. Like, its predecessor, the television show has several short horror stories across its episodes and continues the narrative styles, special effects production, and thematic elements as the original films and novellas.

I won’t say that the new series on the streaming platform, Shudder, is a perfect horror anthology. Frankly, if you are hoping for extensive gore, kills, or big screen quality effects, you are best looking elsewhere. This is a show very much on a budget and very much in the vein and style of the original indie films. But that is too its credit and a boon instead of a flaw.

Unlike most fans of the horror genre, I was not raised on Freddy or Michael or Jason. I didn’t have access to a local movie rental store where some young adult would recommend Troma films or random classic, cult horror movies from the 1980s or 90s. What I did have was old episodes of the Outer Limits and Twilight Zone that would air on television. And Tales from the Crypt that would run every Saturday way past the bedtime of the average child. Were these high budget productions with incredible acting and special effects? Absolutely not, but they made due with what they had and were still interesting stories with universal themes that played on the fears, prejudices, and horrors of people and society. Which isn’t that what horror is supposed to do?

Plus, look at him. How could you not want to watch whatever he’s involved with?

Thus, I am glad that this horror anthology series exists. Like, Goosebumps and Strange Matter did for literature, Creepshow acts as part stepping stone and part respectful homage to the horror genre. It probably won’t ever be the top of most curated lists nor will it probably get the attention and respect is deserves. However, I would completely understand if and when someone mentions this show and the original films as their personal favorites. No better time to check out this series than this Halloween/spooky season. It also has the benefit of being a horror production that virtually anyone of any age can enjoy…as long as some mild swearing is acceptable.

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