Tunes for Halloween Time

So, at this point, you cannot “ironically” play Monster Mash. First off, there is no reason to enjoy that song ironically because it genuinely slaps, and if you don’t think so, who hurt you? Second, while still enjoyable, the beloved seasonal classic is also pretty worn out at this point. Don’t get me wrong, there is still fun to be had whenever it pops up on the rotation at the bar, party, etc. you will be at, or throwing, this Halloween. However, it is pretty much expected to be heard at some point during the night. Of course, there will also be the prerequisite preferred horror movie soundtracks that will vary depending on age and genre likes. Many of which also are great, or at least have one song that brings back nostalgia and fond memories. Thus, are there any other options for a Halloween or horror playlist?

Well, obviously, yes, and here are two recommendations. To begin, CHVRCHES has recently released Screen Violence their fourth studio album that takes some influence and various names/themes from classic horror, more specifically much of the imagery, themes, and sound is inspired by 1980s, and early 1990s, horror films and series. While you will not find references to icons like Freddy, Jason, Myers, or the series that brought such avatars to life, but the album itself deals with emotions and issues such as loneliness, disillusionment, fear and the violence we have seen and experienced through our screens (hence the name) brought upon by major national and global events throughout the last few years. So, you know some pretty light fluff material for music and art. Suffice to say, that you probably need to already be somewhat of a fan of the Scottish band, or at least be open to their sound for this album to be a worthwhile Halloween investment.

Second suggestion for some spooky season tunes is La Femme Pendu otherwise known as Allison Scagliotti, an actress, director, writer, musician, and evergrowing and encompassing multiple threat. Also taking inspiration from macabre folklore and mythos for her sound, La Femme Pendu performs all her songs in French adding another layer to the overall performance aesthetic. While I would, admittedly, call foul and pretentious in other circumstances, Scagliotti makes it work. Somehow the language barrier actually adds to the mystery and atmosphere of the overall performance. It doesn’t hurt that there is obvious musical talent and skill behind the lyrics and persona.

While neither of the previously recommended are the traditional or expected Halloween festivities accompanying music, they both are still albums and artists that should be checked out and added to any horror based rotation this coming weekend. Really, with all the available avenues for streaming and listening to music for little to no cost, what do you have to lose by taking a chance?

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