Reading is Not Enough

In keeping with the theme of creative work and output from the last post, recommending a book about voice acting, and in a sense creative work in general, this time around by the name of Voice-Over Voice Actor: The Extended Edition.

The book is a sort of guide about beginning a voice acting career or hobby written by Yuri Lowenthal and Tara Platt, two significant names and actors in the voice acting community. If you are unaware of who they are, Google (or use your preferred search engine of choice) them. They have both voiced some pretty big characters for years and, frankly, there are not many who could claim to speak on the profession and craft of voice acting over them. Now, I say a “sort of guide” because while the book does give practical advice on various aspects of getting into voice acting and potentially making a career out of it, it does not give any guarantees and fully admits that even if you were to follow the exact path and advice found in the, you could still end up nowhere. This may seem rather ‘doom and gloom’, but I appreciate the honesty given.

Each chapter is based on a specific step or tip for pursuing voice acting. There are vocal techniques and exercises provided, recommendations for equipment to use based on finances and current level of practice, how to approach agents and mentors, so on and so forth. The advice provided is practical and gives enough information to have a legitimate starting point to pursue this craft. As well, there are testimonials and stories from the authors’ friends and colleagues who also happen to be known working voice actors in various mediums like video games, animation, commercial work, etc.

So, yes the book is interesting and gives decent enough advice, but the core sentiment, which is why I enjoyed the tome, is simply that if you want to get started in voice acting, you have to just get started and do the work. There is no real guarantee or path to success. All that anyone can really do is get started, do the work, hone their craft, don’t be a dick on the path to success, and keep going. Obviously, this particular book was discussing voice over and acting, but that advice is applicable to any creative work, and work in general. Which is why I recommend this book, and why I keep it in my library of resources for when I need a kick to keep going. Maybe you’ll get something out of it too.

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