New Year, New Goals

Today marks the true beginning of the New Year (yeah, the 1st and weekends don’t count; argue with the wall) and with it comes the real start of the resolutions and goals people have set up for themselves for this year. As with nearly all things that involve a diverse set of people attempting a wide array of actions across the board, a lot of resolutions will fall by the wayside by February and many, many goals will not be met. But even knowing all that, I still find setting New Year’s resolutions to be a worthwhile exercise.

I have been far from perfect when completing my set goals for every year, but I have managed a 60% success rate for the last few years. Frankly, simply stating my intentions was enough to jumpstart my process and gave me a physical list of items to work toward. And even with the ones I didn’t complete, I still learned something and that effort usually led to progress in some other goal or aspect of my life.

So, since it is a new year and a time for reflection and change, I decided to write down some professional resolutions and goals here for accountability to whomever may read.

2022 Goals:

  1. Work on Hablando Todo & grow site to 100 followers and 1k followers across all social media sites
  2. Read and review 52 books by end of year
  3. Write at least 2 posts/reviews each week on the site
  4. Start a podcast/YT channel under the Hablando Todo umbrella

My personal goals will remain personal to me, but the listed above are the aims I have for this site for this year. Are they easy? Yes and no. Do I know how to reach those ends? Not really, but I have a year to learn and figure it out. And really, isn’t that the point of New Year’s Resolutions: to learn and grow and figure out shit for our benefit?

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