Requested Suggestions

So, as stated in the last post, I, like many others, have set certain goals for myself and this site for 2022. Setting goals is easy, but simply listing something to aim for, ultimately, does not do much. Working toward those ends is what is actually worthwhile and enriching. Yet, as with many aspirations, it is unclear what to do or where to go. Thus, what is a confused, uncertain individual looking for information and help in the modern age? Use the internet obviously.

There are entire networks across various platforms that revolve around instruction, self improvement, skillset acquisition, etc. I imagine the better of these get a bump in subscriptions and views every January, much like gyms across the country. Yet, admittedly, I have found many videos and articles and suggestions across the internet to be rather useful in learning new tricks. Hell, how many of us learned how to make sourdough and bread from baking videos at the start of lockdowns and quarantines? Or knitting? Or some other random skill or hobby? And all from stumbling across some video or article.

Accordingly, I am on the hunt for such resources to jumpstart my goals this year. Specifically, I am on the lookout for information and help on maintaining a website/blog, growing social media presence, audio/video editing, and starting a small business. I know that WordPress provides some aid on some of these subjects, but there are better options available in the nebulous space of the web. So, I guess that is the point of this post: a call for help (LoTR call to Gondor style) in finding videos, articles, and general “how to” information on the previously mentioned subjects. Hopefully, I’ll find some good ones.

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