Can We Just Let Things Die?!

Another day, another revival, sequel, secondary, but actually completely connected work to original, etc., etc. announced. Which of course comes to beg the question: can we seriously just let some shit go and die off?

Like, I get it. Nostalgia is a powerful, fucking tool, and, to be fair, there have been some attempts at relaunching established intellectual property that have actually done a decent, if not impressive, job at creating entertaining works and reviving interest. However, more often than not, the results have been mixed, at best, and outright trash most of the time that does nothing but devalue and deteriorate whatever goodwill or quality the original art held.

Add to the mess that many times the original artists (writers, actors, producers, etc.) are not asked to return or are screwed over at some point in the process. Plus, the fickle reception of the audience shows that there is no guarantee that these shows will actually have any tangible success. It appears that Hollywood still believes that there is some sort of elements that guarantees an audience. Before it was the era of “stars”, now it is the time of “properties and/or characters.” Except that is not true and never has been.

It wasn’t that there were individuals that the audience followed so much as there was a handful of actors that studios actively hired with as they usually had connections to their other interests to work on a fewer, much fewer, projects. Similarly, the era of properties don’t really matter as there have been several films and television shows that have failed even with ties to an established and beloved property. The actual truth is simply that audiences like well acted, written, and crafted works. Of course, that takes time, energy, and resources to create with no guarantee of success and no easy element to blame when the attempt fails.

Yes, creation is difficult, but it would be great if the largest, richest, and most influential companies and artists in the country could maybe actually use their resources to build something instead of recycling the same shit months after its peak interest. Again, just an idea.

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