Agenda Behind the Criticism

So, the HBOMax original series, Peacemaker by James Gunn, just aired its season finale with more already greenlit. The show was an unmitigated success by basically every conceivable metric. Critics praised the series. Audiences loved it. HBOMax enjoyed the significant bump in viewership and positive coverage. Obviously, everyone was happy with the surprise hit that Peacemaker turned out to be…mostly.

There is, as there has been lately, a small contingent of “fans” that do their damnedest to try to “take down” any piece of DC (Detective Comics/Warner Bros) media that doesn’t comply with their exact vision. This idiotic and ever diminishing group, colloquially known as the SnyderCult, at first seemed interested in seeing the continuation of the original Zack Snyder version of the DCEU. Except, as time has moved on, that has proven to be a false narrative.

This group is not interested in the continuation of that original series of stories. It’s become more and more apparent that this group, and many like them, simply have some sort of grievance with the world, society, themselves, or some other self made boogeyman. And they have chosen to supplement their stunted emotional state with this odd campaign against this specific set of comic book properties. The funniest bit is that they are so far removed from reality it is almost comical if it wasn’t so sad.

However, the annoyance is that companies in attempt at relevancy and some form of social media presence at times acquiesce to these fools, and the similar motely idiots who complain about representation or inclusion in superhero stories. Thankfully, that strategy is also receiving diminishing returns. (Looking at you practically every single CW based comic book show). This is honestly why I am glad James Gunn’s Peacemaker has done so well. Because beneath the violence, crass humor, and over the top circumstances, there is a compelling, interesting, and surprisingly deep story that does justice to its characters. As long as an artist can actually do that in their work, then an audience and interest will almost always follow. Doesn’t hurt to actually have a modicum of skill and talent too.

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