Review: WUT Podcast

I have been an avid listener and subscriber of the WUT podcast since its premiere in January of 2020. The primary reason I decided to take a chance on another podcast was because I had followed the works and random appearances of the creators and hosts, Ellie Main and Chelsea Harfoush, particularly from their time at RoosterTeeth, an internet creative company in Austin, Texas.

It is hard to give an accurate, concise description of what the WUT podcast exactly is. On one hand, there is an almost educational aspect to it. On the other hand, it is mostly two, or more friends, just talking about random tidbits of information they find to be interesting to one another. Imagine that you and a group of buddies each week found one story or fact or went down a random Wikipedia hole and then had to relate that experience and information to each other on a given day. Essentially, that is what the podcast is, but done in an entertaining way.

I suppose, in some way, the aspect of casual, friendly banter was the entry point that led to further engagement and interest. From listening while commuting to work to listening while working from home, inane conversations about the most erratic topics between buds has always been a pleasing activity for me. Probably stemming back from my college days where I would do the same with my own groups of eclectic friends.

Will you learn a lot from this podcast? Most likely. Will that information be relevant or of actual use in anything? Not really. Will you be entertained for a bit over a half hour every week from listening to WUT? Absolutely. And hey, might get an edge at your local pub trivia night.

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