It’s Down to Business After All

Recently, a barely network on the cusp of being sold and split for parts renewed seven of its scripted series while leaving twelve very much on the chopping block. Netflix has just cancelled a slew of shows for whatever reasons or maths it comes up with to justify its choices. Some of these decisions make sense while others are just baffling to the audiences, fans, and consumer base on the outside of the boardrooms. Still, these actions simply reinforce how for all the discourse about representation, quality, being customer and talent friendly, etc., it all comes down being nothing more than a business making business decisions.

This is obviously nothing new. The studios and companies that create the films, television shows, music, books, and all other media that you enjoy are not really interested in making films, television shows, music, books, or any other media. Yes, there are several people across all levels in various parts of the system who legitimately care and want to make quality media that speaks to audiences, engages with major themes, and will outlive them for many generations to, hopefully, enjoy after their passing. However, the people in charge mostly just care about profits and the stock price of their shares.

The most obvious example of this philosophy in action is the Disney’s corporation attempts to play both sides of maximizing profits and presenting as a progressive company with the current sociopolitical situation in Florida. It is not that the Disney company and executives truly care about the well being of marginalized groups, though to be fair some, even all theoretically could, but it is more that the company supports politicians and legislators that will give them massive tax breaks and incentives. Why there seems to be a conflation between the politicians who despise marginalized peoples and those willing to give corporations massive tax breaks at the cost of said marginalized people is a discussion all on its own. Accordingly, the minor walk back and rectifying attempts by Disney and its executives has far more to do with the public backlash and walkouts of several of their employees than with doing the right thing.

There really is not a grander salient point trying to be made here. Simply that all the programming decisions that your favorite studios and companies make all boil down to money. Favorite show got cancelled? Too much money to keep making it. Video game delayed? Would be too much bad press and disgruntled customers if released now which would hurt stock and future money generation. Conventions getting canceled? Too much costs with pandemic for insurance to cover which would make convention unprofitable. So, the answer will always be money in some form or another.

Thus, if there is an artist, show, film, etc. you enjoy, do your best to support them, preferably financially. If there is one you do not like, then don’t and hope that enough people also join your lack of support to make it eventually fade into the ether.

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