Review: 30 Morbid Minutes

True crime has begun to leave a foul taste in my mouth and an overall grimy feeling. While I find the study of historical cases and events, even criminal ones, a worthwhile and necessary endeavor, the move away from legitimate investigative inquiry done by genuinely qualified and interested individuals into opportunists dissecting tragedies without craft, care, or concern for the damage and trauma they create. You can find several podcasts and documentaries across virtually every streaming site across the interest that have basically done this very thing. Thus, “True Crime” as a genre has lost a lot of its luster for me.

Still, I find deep dives into the more macabre side of human history and knowledge very intriguing and engaging. Accordingly, I was looking for something that would scratch that itch without the unsettling feeling. By happenstance, I found 30 Morbid Minutes hosted by Elyse Willems and Jessica Vasami of FunHaus and RoosterTeeth, respectively.

It is an interesting conversation concerning morbid and macabre topics, people, events, places, and etc. for roughly around half an hour each episode. These discussions attempt to explore the history, origins, legacy, and overall information on their chosen topic while still doing their best to be respectful, sympathetic (when appropriate), and entertaining. And, on the rare occasion they are unable to do so, fully admit to it and own up to their limitations.

So, for now, this podcast will be on rotation to fulfill those morbid curiosities without succumbing to, unnecessary, human fault or indecency.

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