100th Post Milestone

So, unless I grossly miscounted, this should be the 100th post for this blog/site. We put significance and importance to certain milestones that are usually accompanied by certain, rounded numbers. We like to see some form of quantitative progression to our endeavors. It feels like it should be a big deal, and, in a way, it very much is, but it also does not feel like it.

It feels more like this site is barely getting started. I am still figuring out my writing voice and perspective. I have ideas and plans on the direction I wish to take this media criticism blog. I am still learning and improving, or at least trying to. Thus, I am not really sure how to feel about a 100th post milestone. It is something that should be acknowledged, and it is a bit surprising to see that I have managed to make it to this point. There are things I feel that I have accomplished, and others that I have failed at, for the moment.

It is always a good idea to take stock of accomplishments. To examine and decipher and, hopefully, learn from both the good and bad. To look back at what you’ve done, what didn’t work, and how that will impact you and your work going forward. I suppose that is where I find myself, and this blog/site, at the moment. I am grateful to have anyone reading these words and have the tiniest amount of pride in keeping with this blog/site up to this point. Yet, I want to do more; just have to figure out how. Till then, I’ll enjoy the round number milestone and keep on going.

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