Horror: The Saving Grace/Genre

In the world of hundred million dollar blockbusters or ten million plus “indies” with recognized casts, Horror is the visual media’s saving grace and genre. I have said in the past that Horror is the one genre in which innovation, underdogs, low budgets, and original ideas can still find massive success as long as their is actual care and consideration by the cast and crew. And that remains true till now.

At this moment, four original horror films are in theaters. All have achieved financial success and all but one has garnered critical praise. There are also two more horror releases planned for the month of October. Three (Hulu, Netflix, DisneyPlus) of the five major streaming services have, today, released major horror projects and many, many more are planned for the remainder of the month. That is not even mentioning the various actually independent releases that have premiered on other streaming services this month and throughout the year. In short, Horror continues to deliver with original, successful works where other genres, like Romance and Drama, have not been able to do so.

So, with the season being what it is, gird your loins, steady your spirits, and indulge in all the manners and methods the Horror genre has to offer. Guarantee you will find something worthwhile.

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