Hispanic Heritage Month Ends…and Hopefully Continues

Tomorrow (October 15th) ends Hispanic Heritage Month in the United States. Now, the last few reviews and posts on here have attempted to highlight or focus on Hispanic/Latine lead projects and media. Celebration of Hispanic/Latine/Indigenous culture and stories is a bit personal for me, but I also genuinely believe that the entertainment industry, at all levels, needs the infusion and collaboration of diverse, previously unheard voices and perspectives to remain healthy, engaging, and fruitful in its future endeavors. Statistically, and with actual documented evidence, projects and studios with diverse talent do better, financially and socially.

Thus, even in difficult times when it seems like every aspect of the industry and society is pushing back to force the disenfranchised and oppressed back into the margins, keep creating. Keep writing, drawing, painting, acting, singing, playing, etc.; just keep making art. And to the audience, find the voices on the outskirts and the margins and support them not out of a sense of guilt, shame, or obligation but because they deserve to be heard and their art is just as worthwhile as the mainstream, sometimes even more so.

So, yeah, Hispanic Heritage Month ends tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean your interest or support for these artists, works, or cultures has to. Spread it out throughout the year and try to find some to support across the spectrum of peoples. I will not claim that learning and understanding other perspectives leads to enlightenment or true progress, but it certainly doesn’t hurt, for the most part.

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