Holiday Specials

First post of the month and in awhile. Guess I got caught up in finishing up the year and preparing for the holidays. Still managed to see quite a few movies and television shows and read a few books in that time.

Like last year, I have been watching a lot of Christmas and holiday specials in the spirit of the season. And I’ve come to realize how unmemorable most of them are. Truly, outside of a few, really one or two, I could not recall any that I had seen. And the ones that premiered this year are not any better. Hell, they are kind of worse.

Why is that?

Genuinely, why does there seem to be such a drop in quality in these kinds of productions? Is it the division of resources amid the various channels and services? Perhaps it is simply a matter of age and taste as I am no longer the child I was when I watched the specials of the past?

I suppose that is possible, but it is also possible that modern holidays specials are just not up to par with the past productions. Only time will tell if any modern ones become classics in the future. Until then, what are some of your favorites holiday specials?

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