Earliest Memory…

Alright, so it’s a New Year and thus a changing point upon which to work from and build off of. With that in mind, I want to expand this site’s reach and audience while maintaining the intention of being a multi media site for analysis, review, and discussion. So, trying out the built in ecosystem’s tools and systems, one of which is this blogging challenge: “bloganuary.”

First prompt is earliest memory, but as stated, I’m switching it up to relate to media. There are several instances I can recall from film to television to music to books that imprinted into my brain and impacted me in some way. It is difficult to sparse out which was first or had the most effect, but one that I can immediately recall is watching the television miniseries IT as a child.

Yes, the previous statement is very much showing my age, and it does seem such a mundane memory, but I was legitimately frightened by Tim Curry’s rendition of the infamous Pennywise clown. So much so that I had nightmares, and my parents were enraged at my sister and cousins for showing me the film. Though their anger was fruitless as I was not blameless in the act and demonstrated more bravery than my older kin in real life situations. No one would have guessed that the cheesy 1980s effects and acting would have affected me to such a degree. Hell, looking back, I am not sure why I reacted so strongly.

Even so, it was the first time that a film had such an impact on my psyche and person, and, to some degree, probably was one of the causes for my life long interest and obsession with media in all its forms. So, for that, thanks sis, cousins, Stephen King, and Tim Curry, ya’ll had a larger impact on my life than any of you will probably ever know.

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