Most Memorable Gift

For my 11th birthday, I received the restored VHS set of the original Star Wars trilogy. Yes, I am very much dating myself, and, yes I am rather older and getting even more so.

I cannot for the life of me recall why I wanted this set of films. My parents are not geeks by any stretch of the imagination. They are not really film or sci-fi buffs either. In fact, most of my family is not really interested in movies or science fiction genre outside of like three cousins, only one of which is older than me. But even then, I guarantee that she did not introduce me to the films. Still, I had to have asked for this gift because there is no way my parents would have just picked it out on their own.

Somehow, with no prompting or encouragement, I decided that I wanted the original trilogy on this special VHS set. It was a wise decision from child me. Genuinely, beyond a lifelong love and interest in all things Star Wars, I also found interest and excitement in film, and the stories behind it, because of these three movies. I would watch them religiously, and when I heard or knew that Hamill or Ford or Fisher were involved in another project, I would immediately watch those. That led to Batman, Flash, and various 1980s-90s action franchises and films. Basically, a lot of my geeky and entertainment interest began or were greatly influenced from this VHS set.

All in all, a pretty beloved and memorable gift that held a lot of meaning and influence.

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