Challenging Chore

Cannot recall where I first heard it, but there is an uncomfortable and persistent truth in “everyone hates writing but loves having something written.”

Now, while there are exceptions to this adage as there are people that truly enjoy the process more than anything else, I would venture to guess that most of the populace prefers to have the finalized draft of their story or art piece or game or whatever other creative work in hand than the arduous process that was undergone to craft it.

It’s human nature. We like to see results and the fruits of our labor in the flesh and tangible in our hands. Yes, the journey is important and the lessons learned from each creative effort are important and help us get better and better at our craft and skill. That being said, there is not comparable feeling to writing that last line and seeing the reactions of our audience when they finally are able to engage with our work.

So for me, and I assume for many, it is challenging to get started on creative output especially when it is not tied to our current income. But also for me, and probably for many as well, there is far greater relied, drive, and sense of accomplishment from these creative outlets. Thus, while it is definitely a challenging chore, it is one that I cannot imagine not doing as often as I can.

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