The Irritation of Limitation

Hey, another prompt that doesn’t quite work with my site’s intention or purpose, but I will, again, try to finagle a genuine response for…

What I find most irritating concerning my current living situation is the intentional and unintentional limits that are imposed by it. Like most people in my demographic, and probably just in general, there are many, many, many things I wish to do and accomplish both in the short and long term. However, once more probably like most people, my housing, and financial, situation places arbitrary limits on my capabilities to even attempt said desires.

This is hardly new as it has been true for nearly the entirety of my life. I wish I could go to live music and comedy shows. Or see interesting and odd movies that won’t necessarily get wide releases. Or be able to play the various tabletop and board games I have with a group of people who are equally interested in doing so. Or even just be able to hang out with a group of friends in a living room and watch a few episodes of a television show. Current living situation does not really allow for that.

Obviously, I am grateful to have a roof over my head because the alternative would be far worse. But there is a sense of compromise and acceptance when choosing to stay or commit to a place that can’t be denied. It’s the whole ending of potential futures thing. I don’t think I am alone in this feeling either. It is why, I strongly believe, that we gravitate so much toward media in all its forms. They provide windows of escape and perspective into different worlds and lives and views that are closed off to us. We get to see what life might have been like with a few different choices or possibilities.

And of course, the deeper realization is that just like you can switch up a film or read another book, you can change your circumstances. It won’t necessarily be as easy as choosing another show on Netflix, but it will probably be far more rewarding.

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