Favorite Authors

I cannot recall the exact moment I read Good Omens, but I do recall falling in love with the book. There was just something about the world building and character development and humor and, for lack of a better term, utter empathy throughout the book especially from characters you would not assume would have such emotion. Honestly, as a lover of stories and literature nerd, the book was, and continues to be, a balm to the soul and comfort that I still reach for at random times. However, as an aspiring writer, it was a bit devastating because I know that nothing I ever write or create could compare.

The elements that really caught my attention were the somber and epic world building alongside the irreverent humor. I incorrectly applied these elements to the authors. I thought the humor was a Gaiman feature while the broody world creation was Pratchett’s doing. To be fair, both authors are (or were in Pratchett’s case) great at both these actions, but after reading more and more of both authors’ works made me realize the strengths that they actually had.

Gaiman’s Sandman comic and stories are still some of the best writing I have ever read or seen. Neverwhere was another book that ended up being beloved. And Gaiman’s adaptations to screen have almost universally been well received and loved, particularly those he was directly involved in. As for Pratchett, I cannot think of a better, more fleshed out, engaging, and entertaining universe of books than the Discworld series. Or one that has managed to be as relevant and poignant as the first days it was published.

But that is probably why I would rank this pair as my favorite authors. It’s not their talent though that is immense and impressive. For all their talent and accolades and continued success, they have managed to grow in their social acceptance, or, perhaps, more accurately, remained the same. Their works have always boosted and focused on the disenfranchised and the unheard which is in large part why their stories have continued and grown in popularity. Even when I have disagreed with some decisions or choices made by them, there has always been a central point of empathy and curiosity in their work that originated from their persons and experience. And if two old, white, British dudes can do so, then maybe there is some hope for and in all things.

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