Did the Thing; Now, What?

So, January is over and with it ends Bloganuary. I have never really participated in one of these challenges before, and I, admittedly, am still unsure if my attempts can count as participation as I did not complete nor attempt every single prompt. Instead, I chose ones that interested me and were at least somewhat applicable to the intent and tone of this site and its content. Again, while I complete most of the prompts, I did not do all.

Even so, I did enjoy the practice and ways of adjusting my thoughts and processes to make certain prompts fit this site and how shifting my approach and perspective impacted my writing style and tone. The major thoughts that occupied my mind while finishing off the last prompt was what was the purpose of this challenge and where to go from here. After all, the actual exercise of writing was useful and led to some improvement in my craft, but what was the true intent of the challenge and how do I use it to further my progress?

I suppose what this challenge really showed me was the ability to translate ideas into something that works for my purposes and the ability to keep to a deadline. I just now have to figure out a way to make those concrete markers and deadlines on my own without an arbitrary outside force applying pressure. There are also a couple of interesting sites that popped up from a few random engagements from certain posts. In reality, this challenge didn’t provide anything particularly new, just more to work with. It’s all a matter of making it work for and with me from this point on.

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