Discourse, Discourse, and Discourse: Round and Round We Go

It would seem that the grifters, con artists, media “critics” and generally rage/hate engagement “tweekers” across all social media will be able to make rent this month with just this week alone. Seriously, there are so many stupid talking points that have no real impact or legitimacy in any medium or discussion of merit whatsoever!

From having a Black girl in a cartoon to whether or not an actress should be campaigning for an award without mentioning basic history to television writers getting in a tizzy over a successful, young actress with a decade of experience suggesting that she had as good a grasp of writing and character as them and adjusting a script for the better, there is just a crap ton of shit that will be forgotten about in a week or so.

Now, it is pointless to argue or even bother trying to speak to the idiots who require the hate watches and engagement for survival and revenue. Those channels and people are trying to grasp at a dwindling audience with less and less return on their investments. However, it is quickly becoming more and more annoying how many people, including well established critics, have begun to make their revenue and engagement tied to responding to these ridiculous takes. Seriously, you don’t snuff out a flame by adding more air and fuel; you suffocate it until it is gone. Attention will only perpetuate these dillweed buffoons.

It would be one thing if this system remained just in media criticism, but this emotional desire and financial motivation to actually take these moronic imbeciles and their opinions seriously enough to debate and objectively dismantle has leeched into conversations and discussions that actually matter. Because the political discourse of this, and other, countries has devolved by the same methods and metrics. People have become too enthusiastic and concerned with “taking down” the bad opinions and people instead of promoting the positive or legitimate voices.

So, to counter that, forget about rage watching the idiots arguing that an obvious teenage cartoon character is not hot enough or the ones trying to state why those people are wrong and, instead, give your eyes to critics and media that gives actual criticism, critique, and nuanced attention to the things you love or care about.

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