Hablando Todo. Talking Everything.

The Site:

Hablando Todo Media came from a desire to analyze, discuss, review, and overall engage with media on all fronts.

There is a virtually infinite amount of films, television, books, music, podcasts, etc. in the world with more being created daily. Unsurprisingly, there is an equal amount of sites and blogs that give perspective and insight on these pieces of media.

HTM simply wants to join the ongoing conversation to provide a unique point of view and encourage community around and enjoyment of the amazing creations that are being made.

Happy reading, watching, and listening.

About Me:

Like most of my generation, I was basically raised by television and films. Sick days and holidays were spent watching endless marathons of whatever was on tv (actual old school scheduled programming; not cable or streaming). Summers were spent reading what the local library had and was willing to check out to a child who probably should not have been reading half of what he was.

Add that background to a, most likely foolish, decision to pursue an education centered on analyzing literature and media and you get the person behind this site: me.